Belgian Chocolate Truffles

Belgian Chocolate Truffles – The Angelic Enjoyment

Belgian chocolate truffles… When Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate beans to Europeans, he ignited their persisting passion for its delicious taste. The chocolate industry firmly established itself as the important segment of the Old Continent´s economy but there are areas where chocolate production means something more. For Belgians, as well as for Swiss, the chocolate is truly a national heritage and their products are globally recognized as an absolute top in the field. The uniqueness of the Belgian chocolate lies in the rich flavour coming from the careful mixing of several cocoa beans types.

All around the world, the chocolate is being produced in many forms but for Belgians, the most typical one is the truffle. Most commonly, it is the chocolate ball (either smooth or flaky). The most important part in the process of the preparation of Belgian truffles is the coating. Only a few people reached the master level in this. Basically, truffles can be cocoa powdered or with the chocolate flakes. Especially the making of chocolate flakes for the truffles is very demanding and it takes a lot of time before mastering this skill if the flakes should be as thin and fragile as possible.

The filling can be as diverse as the imagination of a candymaker and in our catalog, we have a pick for everyone. Do you prefer milk, white or dark chocolate? It´s upon you, we have several types of both! What about the smooth coffee taste or the cultivated taste of a caramel? EMOTI´s Belgian chocolate truffles are here for you, made only from the best ingredients on the market.

Belgian Chocolate Truffles by EMOTI – An Uncompromising Quality

The brand EMOTI by Elysberg Confiserie BVBA is proud to go in the footsteps of the best tradition of Belgian chocolate and willingly accepts the obligation to meet standards of the highest quality of all products in our portfolio. For more than 15 years, EMOTI brings the high-class chocolate products to the markets all around the world with an ever-growing passion. During the process of bringing you the best possible products, we pay an unconditional attention to the detail. It doesn´t matter if you are buying our chocolate for yourself or for someone else. We understand that in any case, you demand only the first-rate quality and we are obliged to offer nothing less.

Our team of enthusiastic and highly qualified professionals is here to assure that you will get only the best goods on the market. All of our products fulfill the strict requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS) as well as the internal rules of quality management. Our family business respects and honors old traditions but we are open to the state-of-art innovations as well. We take the customer service very seriously.

In our business, we also feel the strong responsibility to the society and the environment. Therefore, we are introducing new flagship series of products free of the palm oil as it has severe negative impacts on the environment because its production leads to excessive deforestation and the loss of many animals´ natural habitats in areas where it is produced, mainly in the developing countries.

EMOTI Means Emotions

It is well known that there are over 300 natural chemicals in the chocolate. When you eat chocolate, some of them are responsible for releasing certain neurotransmitters affecting your emotions in a positive way. It is often said that the chocolate helps to release the hormones of joy and love and that´s why the eating chocolate is a moment of a pure pleasure. We can assure you that it is true. With our Belgian chocolates, every single bite is a touch of a delicacy. That´s why our products are suitable for any occasion. Is the Valentine´s Day or Christmas approaching? Do you expect a meeting with an important business partner? Do you just want to express your feelings? If you need something special for someone special, try EMOTI, release the emotions!