Belgian Dark Chocolate

Belgian Dark Chocolate – The Nation´s Best Product

If you are looking for the real prime-quality chocolate products, try those made of the Belgian dark chocolate. Although there is no generally valid, worldwide definition of the dark chocolate, the term is widely recognized as the synonym for the quality superior to other types. The dark chocolate is being produced in many places all around the world. But it is the Belgium which is considered to produce the best dark chocolate you can get.

The roots of the Belgian chocolate industry can be traced back to the first half of the 17th century. Since then, the chocolate became more and more popular, first among higher and middle class, later also for the lower classes of the society. Today, the production of chocolate is one the most important pillars of the Belgian economy and it is among the defining parts of the Belgian national spirit. With more than 2,000 chocolate shops and almost two billion euros coming from the export annually, Belgium is rightly called the world´s capital of chocolate.

Despite the popular belief, Belgian chocolate industry has never been dependent on the cocoa import from its few colonies. The ability to use cocoa beans from different sources always meant the great advantage for the Belgium´s producers. Choosing only the prime-quality beans and the possibility of combining the flavours made the Belgian chocolate unique and popular.

But even among many other famous Belgian chocolate products, the Belgian dark chocolate is something special. It is a kind of a standard for the chocolate quality. It can be called legendary because of its full and „decadent“ taste known to the people in many corners of the world.

Belgian Dark Chocolate – Unexpectedly Healthy

The dark chocolate is distinguished by the higher content of the cocoa butter. It makes it the high-quality type of the chocolate and it also makes it very healthy. It is full of nutrients with positive effects on your health. It was shown that 100 g of the first-rate dark chocolate with at least 75% of the cocoa content contain almost 11 grams of fiber and a lot of minerals like magnesium, manganese or iron. Fats in the dark chocolate are of the beneficial type and not the unsaturated fats which add to our weight so easily.

The dark chocolate also contains a high amount of antioxidants, compounds which can eliminate free radicals which can be damaging to our bodies. Flavanols of the cocoa can affect the blood flow and lower the blood pressure. It was clinically proved that the dark chocolate will significantly lower the risk of heart disease as well and it can even improve the brain function.

Components like sugar or caffeine are present only in small amounts, being rather beneficial than deleterious. It is definitely clear that the typical stigma of the chocolate connected to its harmful effects is not appropriate in the case of the dark chocolate.

The Best Chocolate For Cooking

If you like using the dark chocolate in your kitchen for baking or decorating, the choice of the right chocolate is essential. If you choose wrong, it can spoil your cake. On the other hand, the properly chosen chocolate can improve its taste and a look. The chocolate you will use should have a nice, velvety structure and a full, cocoa flavour. The truth is that there is no other chocolate which meets these requirements better than the high-quality Belgian dark chocolate.

We in EMOTI are dedicated to bringing you the best possible chocolate products on the market. If you are looking for the best dark chocolate, try our Belgian dark, we guarantee you the top quality and the great customer experience.