Chocolate Delivery

Chocolate Delivery At Its Best

For EMOTI, the perfect customer experience which consists of the complete process of getting the chocolate of the prime quality to your home or office is an absolute priority and therefore it must be ended with fast and reliable chocolate delivery. After you make an order of any item from our catalogue, the chocolate is quickly prepared, carefully packed, dispatched, and passed to our partners.

We make sure that our partners meet the same levels of professionalism and perfectionism as we do. That´s why we collaborate with DHL and FedEx, the shipping companies with worldwide networks of air and road transportation capabilities who are able to deliver the package to you in a very short time. The chocolate is always carefully packed into the box in which the chocolate is protected by the air cushions or plastic bubbles and any empty space is filled with the soft lining and all the packages are dealt with a great care. Therefore, there will be no mechanical damage of the gift inside.

Chocolate Delivery Within And Outside the EU

If you live in the EU country, your chocolate delivery will be really fast, cheap and easy. Your package will reach you within 3-5 working days depending on which country you are from. For the European Union, we have just one single delivery rate of 15€.

If you live outside the EU, we will do our best to send you our chocolate as well. In this case, the shipping rates are 29€ for Canada and 39€ for the destinations in other countries. It will be included in the checkout price in our e-shop. Depending on the destination, delivery time will be 5-10 days. Unfortunately, we do not currently send the chocolate to the United States.

When your order is confirmed and the package is dispatched, you will be provided with the tracking number of your chocolate box to track its position. When ordering the gifts from our catalogue, you should take into account that there are some factors which are beyond our control and we cannot affect them in any way. The weather can be an important factor with significant impact to the chocolate during the transport. The chocolate can melt when the transport is being realized in the hot summer days and we are not able to hold the responsibility for the chocolate delivered melted. We recommend to plan your order carefully. Also, some additional fees due to customs laws may arise depending on the destination and the price of your order. These fees are not included in our prices but you will be informed immediately if the additional costs are needed.

As any other trader, we reserve the right to refuse the order as a precaution if we will think that the transport is not safe from some point of view or it can damage our good name. The only other limitation is that we do not send our products to the P.O. Boxes and the military bases. When the package is addressed to some public building (hospitals, administrative buildings etc.), the reception desk will be informed, please provide us all the information necessary for the successful delivery of the package.

Our Dedication To Customer Service

We are doing our best to make the process of the chocolate delivery to our customers as easy as possible. Whether you need to have a box of the tasty chocolate at home because of your wedding anniversary or you want to have the packages with your company logo at a site because you want to appreciate your employees´ hard work, we in EMOTI and our partners will be doing everything we can to assure that it will get to you in the perfect shape and as soon as possible. EMOTI is dedicated to the customer´s satisfaction and we want your experience to be truly perfect.