Chocolate Gift Boxes

Chocolate Gift Boxes

The ceremony of giving the chocolate gift boxes is more than just transfer of present from one pair of hands to another. For thousands of years, the delicious taste of the chocolate brings the joy and pleasure to the people. In central America where the chocolate was born, it served even as the object important for religious ceremonies and worship. After the Europeans came to America and connected the continent with the other parts of the world, the cocoa beans and the chocolate itself conquered the world and became one of the most popular foods favoured all around the world.

Today, the chocolate is popular in every corner of the world and the luxurious package of the high-quality chocolate is considered to be the perfect gift which speaks for itself. If the chocolate is of the real quality, if it is delicious, and if it is nicely packed, giving a chocolate is the great way how to express your emotions.

The chocolate gift box is the perfect present. You can give it to your sweetheart on Valentine´s Day or to your wife on your wedding anniversary. You can give the box of tasty chocolate to your parents on their birthday and on the Mother´s or Father´s Day and you can give it to your employees and the important business partners of your company. Whatever the occasion is, the result will always be positive.

Chocolate Gift Boxes – A Personal Touch

When you are looking for a perfect gift for your loved ones, the luxurious, hand packed box with the delicious Belgian chocolate is a perfect choice. The chocolate will speak for you and it will help you to express the emotions and feelings you have towards your family and other people who are so close to you.

Choosing a gift from the EMOTI catalogue will assure that your loved ones will get the best chocolate on market. Their experience will be even multiplied by the nice packing and especially by the personal message or an image of your choice on the box. This is a great possibility how to thank your loved ones for being who they are and to tell them how important they are for you.

We understand very well how important the family relations are, after all, EMOTI is the family business. It is the responsibility to hold these relations strong, our responsibility is to help you with it.

Corporate Gift Boxes

Each company needs two basic things for its success, happy employees and satisfied customers willing to do business with it repeatedly. Keeping relations between a company and both of these important groups on the high level is very complex and it is not an easy task. Corporate gifts are the important part of this neverending process.

Not only during a Christmas party, the box of high-class Belgian chocolate will be appreciated by the employees and as a result, their loyalty to the company will be strengthened. With EMOTI, you can have a company logo on the chocolate boxes. This will even multiply the effect.

An important meeting with your business partners or ceremonial signature of a deal is the perfect occasion to show them your appreciation of their business and your strong belief that the good business relationship between your companies will continue to grow. You can best express these feelings with the luxurious box of a first-class chocolate in a glamour package with your company´s logo.

Feel free to contact our managers to tell us what are your needs and also to negotiate the individual rates for your company. We in EMOTI respect your hard work and our team of professionals is dedicated to do the same for you and assure that you will have nothing less than a first-class customer experience.