Gourmet Chocolate Turtles

Gourmet Chocolate Turtles And George DeMet

Gourmet chocolate Turtles are the most famous of all candies developed by George DeMet who was born in November 1891 in the small village of Niata in Greece. He was attending the school in Athens but his youth was affected by the death of his father when George was 12. He planned a career in medicine and even started to attend lectures at the well-known university in Montpellier in France but the future had another plan for him. When George tried to seal his future as a doctor, part of his family was already living in Minneapolis in the United States and after the letter from one of his brothers who was trying to run a candy store there, he joined them on the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

At first, George was dividing his time between his brother´s candy store and the lecture hall at the University of Minnesota where he was attending the law lectures. However, both brothers soon moved to Chicago when they joined their cousin in his own candy store business. It was called the Johnson’s Candy Stores. George and two of his brothers served in the Army during the First World War and when they returned in 1918, they continued in the candy business.

Once, a salesman came to the company and brought the raw material for candy making – a sugar and nut - with him. When a worker called Minnie saw it before she dipped it to the chocolate and then she commented that it looks like a turtle. The famous chocolate turtles were born although they have not been officially called that prior the 1920s.

Gourmet Chocolate Turtles

As described in the previous text, the chocolate turtles were first created in Chicago at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, the variety of products which are being sold under this name is much wider. You can find chocolate turtles with many flavors like caramel, coffee, vanilla and many more artificial and natural flavors. The chocolate used for making turtles can vary as well from traditional dark chocolate to the milk chocolate and you can find white chocolate turtles as well.

Another ingredient necessary for the preparation of tasty chocolate turtles in a nut. In the United States, pecans are usually being used but hazelnuts, cashew nuts, almonds and other types of the nuts can be found in the chocolate turtles. The worldwide popularity of the chocolate turtles means that many combinations of nuts, chocolate types, and other components were tried and some of them gained the strong popularity. You can find them in the shelves of supermarkets and specialized candy stores all around the world.

Make The Chocolate Turtles At Home

If you like the delicious chocolate turtles, maybe you would like to try to make them at home yourself. It is quite easy. At first, you will need to prepare pecans or other nuts (two cups) by baking them in the oven preheated to 170 degrees Celsius. After few minutes, remove the nuts and melt the high-quality chocolate (300 g at least) while stirring it frequently. The next step is to prepare the caramel mixture by combining 25 – 30 caramel pieces with careful heating of the two teaspoons of water and half cup of softened butter. When the mixture is done, pour it over the nuts (on the aluminum foil), let it cool down and solidify. The last step is to coat the clusters of hardened caramel with nuts with the melted chocolate and the chocolate turtles are done.

As you can see, the preparation is not difficult and you can experiment with adding different flavors. If you want to be inspired and you want to give someone the really luxurious box of these popular candies, try the chocolate turtles from EMOTI´s catalog.