Personalized Chocolate

Personalized Chocolate Gifts

The personalized chocolate box is among the universal gifts and it will be appreciated by your wife or sweetheart as well as an important business partner. However, the word universal definitely does not mean mediocre in this case. The high-quality chocolate is the most important component of the perfect chocolate gift but the joyful experience of getting such a delicious present can be even multiplied by the glamour packing and especially by the personalization.

For hundreds of years, the chocolate was called the gift of gods by the ancient mesoamerican civilizations and when it was brought to Europe in the 16th century, its triumphal ride continued in all of the Old Continent´s countries. And some of these nations truly transferred their national spirit into the chocolate. The most important of them was Belgium.

The Belgian chocolate is widely known to be the best in the world and its production is the important part of the country´s economy. With its famous full and decadent flavour, the Belgian chocolate is unique and giving it to someone is the clear expression of our respect and of the fact that we really care about him or her.

Personalized Chocolate Gifts For Everyone

Only a few other gifts can be as universal as the chocolate box with the high-quality Belgian chocolate made of the best available cocoa beans and cocoa butter. The variety of occasions when it is suitable to give someone a box of a good chocolate is almost infinite. From your wedding anniversary or Valentine´s Day to the important business meeting or a Mother´s Day, you cannot make a mistake with the Belgian chocolate.

With boxes, ballotins or bags in the portfolio, EMOTI offers you the wide variety of packing options. In all of the cases, logo, message or any other text or graphics can be created on the package and make the gift truly personal.

It is clear that the personalized gift has the much stronger impact and it gives the more important message. Your loved ones will appreciate the box of delicious chocolate with the personal message much more than the anonymous box of candies bought in the local supermarket. The romantic evening on Valentine´s Day or a visit to your parent's house on the Father´s Day will be much more emotional with a present which includes the personal message expressing your care.

Chocolate Corporate Gifts

For any business, the strong, long-term relations with customers and other partners are far the most important thing for the success of the company. These relations are being built continuously by the hard, quality work and reliability but it can be reinforced also by the occasional small gifts which are firmly established within the business etiquette.

Paper notebook or a ballpoint with your company´s logo are the typical promotional items but these can be hardly considered a real gift. It takes much more to make a significant impact on a business relationship. The luxurious box of the hand-packed, prime-quality Belgian chocolate with your company´s logo and the personal message is something to be remembered for a long time by those who will get it. It will be a very pleasant experience for him or her and it will be directly connected with your company. This is the way how the strong business bonds are being made.

Whatever the purpose you want the chocolate gift for is, the EMOTI brand offers you the careful, individual approach, low prices, and the pleasant customer experience. We will make sure that your package will arrive to your home, office or directly to the address of your choice in a short time (it will take 3 – 5 days if the delivery address is in the European Union).