What is Praline?

It doesn´t seem very rewarding to ask „What is a praline?“. The fact is that it would be hard to find someone who is not familiar with pralines, especially as the word is used in English as well in French or German. Also in other languages, we can find very similar words like pralina in Portuguese or pralinki in Polish. Therefore, everyone should know what it is, right? The truth is, that it will take no more than few minutes of the debate with someone from another part of the world and you will realize that the same word can have a very different meaning for different people.

Although it would be hard to definitely verify the story of praline birth, it is widely believed that the origin of pralines can be traced to the kitchen of Marshal du Plessis-Praslin, who lived in France in the 17th century. Originally, the term referred to the whole almond (or any other local nut) coated in caramelized sugar. If you will then crush it into the powder, you will obtain something called pralin and the things are starting to be a little bit complicated. To get things even worse, try to mix the powder with chocolate, the result is known within Europe as praliné.

Soon, the pralines conquered the New World as well. The French settlers took their favorite nut/sugar combination with them. Later, the American branch of the pralines evolution tree led to a combination of pecans with sugar and a cream. This type is sometimes called „New Orleans“ or „Louisana“ pralines. But don´t worry, we are now finally leaving the past of a confectionery.

What Is a Praline? The Story Continues

Honestly, it doesn´t worth to continue with a deep excursion into the history. For us, it is important to know that while in the United States, the word pralines refers to the pecan with a cream, in Europe, it is now a name for a filled chocolate. The Belgium – the chocolate superpower – is not different in this. In this country, the word praline is used commonly in the case of a chocolate with various fillings.

The Belgian pralines are sold with many different centers, there can be traditional praliné paste as well as a whole nut, marzipan, and even a cherry or a liquor. We should not forget fruit or the coffee taste fillings which are very popular in these days (we do have them in our catalog, try it!). But sometimes, you can find also the less traditional Belgian pralines with tastes like grapefruit, lavender or the jasmine tea.

Pralines – and Belgian pralines – are of the delicious taste and the perfect shape. It predestines them to be one of the most popular gifts. However, only the top quality products can succeed. You can be sure that our Belgian pralines fit well into this group of high quality.

Do It Yourself

If you are interested in the process of pralines creation, you should have no problem to find tons of recipes all around the internet. It´s not so hard to make them at home, generally, you need to prepare a filling according to your taste and pour it over with the melted chocolate. Of course, you can combine white and dark chocolate, decorate the praline with small candy and do many, many other things.

However, despite the fact that we do not have any doubts about your phenomenal confectionery success, when you will decide to give a chocolate gift to someone special, you should turn to real professionals in the field. We will supply you with the delicious chocolate products in the luxury (but fully customizable) package and with the first-class customer service.