White Chocolate Praline

White Chocolate Praline – The Taste Worth To Try

The white chocolate praline, as well as other candies made from this type of chocolate, is sometimes considered inferior to the classic dark chocolate. However, there are many white chocolate products with the unique taste which can offer a special experience. The ballotin with the white chocolate pralines or with the combination of high-quality dark and white chocolate candies can be really delicious and there is probably nobody who will not appreciate this kind of a sweet gift.

The history of the white chocolate dates back to the 1930s when the Nestlé company in Switzerland introduced its first product made of the white chocolate – the „Milkybar“. But it was in the Belgium where they have decided to combine it with their nation´s most typical product: the chocolate praline.

When the Jean Neuhaus II, the prominent Belgian chocolatier, presented his pralines made of chocolate shell filled with some soft ganache at the beginning of the 20th century, he invented the product which is still popular today all around the world. There are many countries where pralines are being produced. France is one of those countries but it is the Belgium for which are pralines the most typical. Many types of pralines can be bought in hundreds or even thousands of Belgian sweet shops, they differ in the filling or the chocolate. And it is also the white chocolate which can make the praline truly unique.

White Chocolate Praline – Heritage and Innovation

The white chocolate is made is made of the cocoa butter, sugar, powdered milk and other ingredients like vanilla can be added as well to reach the right flavour. The top-quality white chocolate must contain at least 25% of the cocoa butter. It does not contain any of solid cocoa particles. This leads to the defining white colour of this type of the chocolate and it also means that the white chocolate is almost completely free of caffeine, theobromine and other compounds which are the most common sources of the allergic reaction after eating the dark chocolate.

As you can see, the white chocolate continues in the old tradition of chocolate making which have started with the ancient American civilizations thousands of years ago. The white chocolate, as well as the praline, is the product of never-ending innovations of the chocolate industry which is still looking for any addition to the chocolate products portfolio.

The combination of the delicious praline fillings of various types with the white Belgian chocolate and its full and rich flavour is more than just a curiosity, it is the well established, fully-fledged product favourited by many of our customers.

White Chocolate Praline – The Perfect Gift

The luxurious box of the prime-quality Belgian chocolate pralines is the perfect gift. Whether it will be given to your loved ones, employees or your business partners, the delicious pralines are the perfect expressions of your respect and the strong belief in even better and more powerful personal and business relationships in the future.

As the most common choice is the traditional dark Belgian chocolate, it worth to try the white chocolate as well. You can order one of our hand-packed boxes filled with the white chocolate only or you can choose the package where there is a mixture of several chocolate types. Either choice will impress. In our catalogue, you will find the wide variety of possibilities to choose from. When ordering presents from EMOTI, consider the white chocolate pralines as well. It is delicious with full flavour and also visually interesting, it is the perfect gift!