Delicious Chocolate Gift boxes EMOTI.

Belgian chocolates at the Gold Gift boxes

Start with delicious Chocolate Gift boxes. Choosing the right chocolates will be your stepping stone when choosing such a gift. If you are looking for a sure bet, bet on Belgian chocolates with many flavors. Give green a lot of EMOTI CHOCOLATE, which literally plays with taste buds.
This is due to the composition of chocolate. Up to 30% hazelnuts in the filling, marzipan, raspberry flakes, or almond filling. There are definitely no limits in this direction, and everyone will surely come to their senses. Yes, hazelnut nougat served with EMOTI CHOCOLATE is not neglected.
The second and also an essential part of the original gift is, of course, the gift package, we pay great attention to it.


Donate delicious chocolate Gifts in original packing.   Chocolates is something that a lot of us adore. A treat that we enjoy during moments of relaxation or at any other time. In the same way, chocolates can become a very imaginative and practical gift. But it is true that you should not donate just any chocolate. Great emphasis must be placed on the packaging itself.


What would you say gold or silver? Gift boxes and bags can have exactly this color. Impressive and luxurious packaging elaborated to the smallest detail, which is such a small prelude to the fact that something good and delicious will be hidden inside. It is not for nothing that these colors have a sign of a certain exclusivity and luxury. When Belgian pralines are still tied with a satin bow, then nothing can be said about such a gift.
Gold is the color of luxury, there is no doubt about that. It is often associated with expensive items, from cosmetics, through jewelry to electronics. In short, the color of the sun brings shine and appeals to all types of customers. The same goes for silver.
Choose pralines from EMOTI and do not limit yourself to many designs of luxury packaging. Gold and silver gift bags and boxes will definitely not offend, but on the contrary will please. Don’t worry about coming up with an original gift for any occasion and bet for sure. Such a unique gift first conjures a smile on your lips and then caresses the taste buds.

Be sure.


If you are planning to buy an original gift in this submission for any life event, then we bring you one very practical and interesting tip.

Bet on the Belgian chocolates. Buy a beautiful gift package in which something delicious and first-class taste will be stored. Belgian chocolate is the right choice with which you can’t step aside. After all, the sophistication of tastes and the combination with various ingredients is what absolutely everyone must appreciate.


Now imagine that such a first-class taste experience will also be associated with a proper presentation. And how else but in red. This is always the color symbolizing love, harmony, and peace. If you are interested in who can offer you something similar, read on.

In this case, it must only be a sure bet, represented by the Belgian pralines EMOTI. These can be complemented by lots of delicious flavors and wrapped in a professional and imaginative style. Red gift box presenting luxury and a certain nobility. This is exactly what you come with to wish anyone, family, work, or friends.
Belgian chocolates EMOTI will come in handy on any occasion, where they have to sow joy, a smile on their face, pleasure, and, last but not least, a real taste experience. This is the culmination of the whole red package. After unpacking it, you will taste real Belgian chocolate, the delicacies of which will surely fall for everyone.
Such packages can take a variety of sizes. It only depends on you, to whom, and how much you want to give. Anyway, Belgian pralines in red from EMOTI Chocolate simply make sure.


The fruit in Belgian chocolate. Do you love dried fruit and at the same time like to indulge in quality chocolate? Then bet on a very delicious and tasty combination, which will be supported by Belgian chocolate. The new EMOTI Doux Delice collection offers you something like this, which we will mention in a little more detail.

Belgian chocolate of high quality and unique taste. It’s such an imaginary stepping stone. And just in combination with it, imagine cherries pickled in sweet syrup. A similar taste experience can await you with the candied lemon cure, which stands out for its taste. And how else but wrapped in Belgian chocolate.
EMOTI Doux Delice, this is a good portion of unique taste, which is also mediated by dried apricots. The combination of juiciness and chocolate is unmistakable and a pleasant taste will conquer many people.


If you are going to celebrate any anniversary or important life event, maybe the fruit in combination with Belgian chocolate will be what will make the recipient most happy. At least in terms of taste. EMOTI Doux Delice is a guarantee of quality and natural taste. Great emphasis is also placed on the packaging itself, and therefore its design. And if you add a very interesting price, there is nothing to think about. EMOTI Doux Delice is a treat in which you simply bet for sure. Lovers of goodies will certainly enjoy themselves, as well as those who are looking for an original and tasty gift for anyone.

Belgian chocolates small gifts

Our smallest gift boxes of chocolate.

From time to time there is an event or life occasion in which we need to give a gift to a loved ones. And it doesn’t matter if it’s someone from the family, a colleague at work or a friend. If you are not sure about choosing a suitable gift, bet for sure, in the form of something good and sweet.

The Belgian chocolates are a sure bet. A collection that acquired a variety of combinations, with which does not a problem to make an impression more than with any other gift. Just give the green light to the small gift packages of quality Belgian chocolates.

With EMOTI CHOCOLATE you will get endless possibilities in terms of the final choice of gift. Our small Gift boxes are red, black, silver, but also gold. In short, something for everyone. And just such a small gift can bring a lot of joy. This will manifest itself the moment the recipient bites into a delicious praline.

Buy EMOTI CHOCOLATE and choose dark, milk, and white chocolate pralines. The varied offer of gift collections includes pralines with hazelnut filling, caramel, but also marzipan. There is probably no one whose taste buds would not be filled to the full with this original and non-traditional gift.
Unexpected little things make people the happiest. Belgian chocolates EMOTI Chocolate are among them, which you can see for yourself. From now on, be prepared for any occasion, which will allow you to gift packages of pralines with bows and other decorations. Or do you prefer simplicity? This choice is up to you.
The absolute specialist is Solo pralines or a small gift box in which a single praline is stored. The one that is really created with love and excels in delicious and sophisticated taste.

Spending time with family is probably the best time in our live.

Moments of fun, talking, games and laughter. To make such moments as diverse as possible, make it sweeter. After all, everyone really likes sweets. Add a new and better level to these moments, with the help of the EMOTI chocolates.

Bet on an unmistakable taste.

Just imagine it yourself. Excellent Belgian chocolate of high quality and hazelnut nougat filling. This is a fusion that you can hardly resist. And if you would like to experiment even more with flavors, bet on the caramel, marzipan, or Dulce de Leche. That’s exactly what Belgian chocolate Family Time is

Belgian chocolates
Belgian Chocolates named Family Time are developed for consumption with the family.

You will fall in love with such chocolates very quickly and they will become an integral part of your family moments. In the case of the Family Time collection, you will not only enjoy it, but you will also be impressed by the unique look of our chocolates, according to which you can choose, it is because of our package with a transparent cover. The aesthetic side of things is also taken into account. And believe, no matter which chocolates you choose according to the design, you will enjoy them at all times.
By the way, the purchase price of this treatment is also attractive. You can also choose from the point of view of the quantity presented. You can choose a package of nine or fifteen pieces. Therefore, you can have a good time as a family of any size. Pralines from EMOTI will also serve as a very creative gift that will conjure a smile on your face.

Belgian chocolates fruits
Discover our devices chocolate pralines horses head shaped with hazelnut filling

Belgian chocolates are a treat with a long tradition. How about chocolates in the shape of a horse’s head with a delicate filling? This can be a very practical gift and at the same time a sweet that you should not miss.

If you like pralines, then bet on Emoti Chocolate, specifically on the product Lovely Horses with hazelnut filling. First-class chocolate and a filling with an excess of hazelnuts, of which, by the way, as much as 25%. This is exactly the kind of pralines your children will fall in love with. And not just you. Lovely Horse’s pralines in various designs can also be a very original gift for acquaintances, friends and family members. An ideal part of any celebration.

These pralines are unique not only in their taste but also in appearance. He is very original and imaginative. A horse’s head elaborated down to the smallest detail will please a horse lover, for example. Lovely Horses pralines are perfect for a sweet reward at horse races or similar events, such as show jumping and others.
An interesting combination of taste and design, where the imaginary cherry is the purchase price. If you long for original Belgian pralines, then Emoti Lovely Horses is the ideal choice for anyone. And in this case not only for horse lovers but also for everyone else.