Advantage of Belgian chocolates

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Advantages of Belgian chocolates

Why the Belgian chocolates so good and what are the advantages?  First of all, there are some interesting facts about chocolate and about what its quality and taste depend on.

To discover the advantages of Belgian chocolates, let’s go back to history. It is known that cocoa beans arrived in Europe from South America. Later same countries like France, the United Kingdom, and Germany started growing cocoa on plantations in their own colonies in Africa. As a result, they produced their chocolate with just one specific type of cocoa beans from just one specific origin. This had an understandingly decisive impact on flavour and aroma of their chocolate and this is also the reason why a certain very specific chocolate taste was typical of each of these countries.

For example, French chocolate has been known for being very bitter up to now, independently of the proportion of cocoa in the chocolate, German chocolate unlike French has been known for being rather sweet.

The story of the beginnings of making chocolate with the Belgians was determined by the fact that Belgium colonized Congo there was no tradition of growing cocoa. That is why Belgian entrepreneurs purchased cacao beans from the neighboring countries, which meant in practice that Belgian chocolate was developed as a mixture of different tastes and aromas.

Besides the quality, it is just the taste of Belgian chocolates that is appreciated most. There is a very important process in the manufacturing of Belgian chocolate called conching. It is a mechanical process, a certain treatment with chocolate mass, taking hours during which the chocolate mass heats up and both moisture and acidic volatile aromas in the mass evaporate. Whereas in Switzerland, the country producing well-known chocolate, conching has been done in one step, so-called dry conching, in Belgium conching has another additional step – wet conching. This second step makes Belgian chocolates less acidic in taste and adds some inimitable flavours to them.

Both the unique flavours and the idea of positive nice emotions materialized into the delicious Belgian chocolate represented by our premium chocolates, the EMOTI, which gives cause and rise to wonderful emotions.

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