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Belgian chocolate recipes.

Belgian Chocolate Recipe – Birthday cake for the queen.

When Prince Charles began organizing a party for his mother’s 80th birthday, he had no doubt about dessert, and the Belgian chocolate recipe for a delicious birthday cake was his immediate choice. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Born in Great Britain in 1926, she is one of the most important figures in the modern history of her nation. The menu had to reflect its importance and personal charm. Only the highest quality food was served. As the highlight of the evening, the King Queen and her husband Prince Philip had their first slice of their very special birthday cake. Thanks to this recipe, you can also enjoy this special treat.

In general, the cake will be as good as the ingredients you will use. Because the main ingredient is chocolate (both milk and dark chocolate are used), you should not compromise on the quality of the chocolate and first-class Belgian chocolate should be your choice.

You must first slowly melt the Belgian milk chocolate (100 g). After cooling, mix with oil, water, sugar (125 g) and two eggs. Then put flour (225 g), cocoa powder (25 g) and sodium bicarbonate (1 teaspoon) separately in a bowl. As a next step, mix the two parts and place the pastry on two cans of greaseproof paper. Place the cans in a preheated oven (360 ° C / 180 ° C) and bake for 20-25 minutes.

In the meantime, you should melt the Belgian dark chocolate (150 g) and add milk (50 ml) and whipped cream (125 g). When the cake is ready, cool it with one half of the cake with jam and place the other half on it. Cover the ganache cake and decorate it with fruit. The last step is to enjoy a delicious Belgian chocolate cake.

Belgian chocolate recipe for truffle cake.

Belgian truffle cake can dominate the table at any time. It will definitely impress when visiting your good friends, but it can also illuminate the common room. The basis of this recipe is Martha Stewart.

The first thing you need to do is fry 3 cups of hazelnuts on a baking sheet for a few minutes and then remove the skin. Put a third of the hazelnuts in a food processor with sugar (2 teaspoons)). After processing, mix it with flour (1 ½ cup), baking soda (1 ½ teaspoon) and salt (1/4 teaspoon). In a separate bowl, whisk together cocoa (2/3 cup) and boiling water (2/3 cup). Now it’s time to mix the butter (one pellet) with brown sugar (1 ½ cups) and four eggs until thoroughly mixed. The next step is to add vanilla (2 ½ teaspoons) and buttermilk (1 1/3 cups) to the cocoa mixture and mix the flour mixture with the butter mixture. Now you have the batter and you have to transfer it to the can. Bake the cake and let it cool.

Now you need to boil the sugar (1 cup) with a small amount of water (2 tablespoons) to make a caramel into which you should put the rest of the hazelnuts made in the first step. When the caramel hardens around the nuts, put it in melted Belgian chocolate and coat the hazelnuts. Put the cocoa on the nuts and you can prepare for the flavor.

At this point, it’s time for Belgian chocolate for the second time. For chocolate ganache, use Belgian dark chocolate (225 g), melt it and combine it with heavy cream (3/4 cup) and corn syrup (2 tablespoons). Spread the ganache on the cake. Just before serving, decorate your cake with hazelnuts and you’re done.


Ice coffee.

Just as chocolate pralines are a sought-after delicacy worldwide, coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It is enjoyed by people across continents and social classes, in the morning, afternoon, summer and winter.

While in the cold months it warms us up beautifully, in the period when temperatures climb steeply to the tropical thirties, we prefer to appreciate its refreshing ice variants. Iced coffee comes in many forms and there are many ways to make it. Countless combinations with chocolate, milk, cream, ice cream or alcohol will delight all sweet tongues and at the same time encourage your body. Which is definitely worth tasting?


Probably the most widespread and the easiest to prepare is frappe, which has proven itself in hot Greece. It was here that a drink was created that drove the whole world crazy without exaggeration. You can easily conjure it yourself in the comfort of your own home. All you need is quality instant coffee, water, ice, sugar and milk. Bar blenders and flapers will help you make your work easier and faster, with which you can prepare other mixed drinks exactly to your liking.

Italian alternative

The Italian caffe fredo is similar to the Greek frappé. It is based on real espresso, which you prepare with the help of a coffee machine and quality coffee beans, preferably freshly ground. Due to its fruity, citrus taste, it is more suitable than instant coffee. You mix it with ice cubes and you’re done.

Summer delicacy

A popular summer delicacy is also affogato, which consists of only two ingredients – strong, sometimes double espresso and a portion of ice cream. It tastes best in combination with vanilla, straciatella or yogurt.


A novelty is coldbrew, which is prepared from ground coffee. This delicacy has literally become a summer hit, enjoying great popularity especially in Asia. How is it different and what is its preparation? All you need is quality ground coffee, which you pour cold water and let macerate in the fridge for at least twelve hours. Then filter it through a sieve and you can serve. The result is a drink that has a beautiful color and a sweeter taste with a touch of caramel. You can prepare all the mentioned ice delicacies in a decaffeinated version, just use decaffeinated coffee.

We wish you good taste and pleasant sweetness.