Haw the boxes of chocolate were created?

Haw, the boxes of chocolate were created?

The box of chocolates was obviously created thanks to the creation of filled chocolate candies – pralines. They were much more fragile than the pieces of chocolate themselves and could easily be damaged during transport from the store in the shopping cart. First came the idea of wrapping them individually in small boxes, which is still the case with some chocolates, but rather to emphasize their luxury. We also offer pralines wrapped individually in small boxes – Solo, we offer these small gifts in a box with different motives. 


As the popularity of filled chocolates grew and people began to buy them in larger quantities, it became impractical to fill a shopping cart with a number of small boxes, and someone thought of stacking them in a box of larger ones. First according to the wishes and choice of customers, but then the manufacturers themselves began to approach the chocolate boxes as another dimension of the possible effect and success of these great candies. They no longer invented only refined combinations of chocolate and its original fillings but began to compose individual pralines into wholes, similar to how a composer creates a melody from tones.


To this day, there are two basic types of candy boxes – one species and several species. The first bet on the fame and popularity of a single type of chocolates. The art of confectioners has brought him almost to perfection and, like all celebrities, they can’t stand a hint of competition. They would suffocate in the box with others and basically harm them and themselves. This is an advantage for producers who do not have to worry about creating the most suitable collections, as well as for those customers who only want one of “their favorite” pralines.  We are offering for example the following