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Belgian chocolates

Belgian chocolate has indeed benefited for years from a reputation of high quality.​ Taste and variety a sign of quality.


The satisfaction of our customers reflects of quality of our Belgian chocolates.

Our quality standards are defined and explicated in our policy statement and focus on our obligations to company quality, customer satisfaction, and constant quality improvements. The objective of the management’s quality policy statement is to produce a high-quality and safe product with reproducible quality thus satisfying our customers.


Convincing them is our best quality control. The finest ingredients, high-quality processing and excellent customer service which allows room for individual requests are what makes EMOTI CHOCOLATE successful.


Our production facilities strictly conform to the hygiene and food safety requirements set by law. Plus we work in accordance with the most recent HACCP standards. Elysberg Confiserie is also IFS (International Food Standard) certified, which serves as a guarantee for a safe and high-quality product. And finally, our expertise and many years of experience guarantee a flawless management of the production process.



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