What is Hazelnut Praline

Today, hazelnut praline is one of the most popular among many praline types which can be found in the ballotins on the shelves in supermarkets and candy stores all around the world.

Today, hazelnut pralines are among the most popular types of pralines that can be found on shelves in supermarkets and patisseries around the world. The hazelnut filling inside the Belgian praline creates incredible taste experiences. In addition, the hazelnuts are also associated with the historical heritage of the praline. It is a nut, not chocolate, which was the basis of pralines in the 17th century.

Although there are several competing theories about the origins of popular confectionery, most gastronomy historians agree that the origins of pralines can be traced back to Clément Lassagne, who served as a cook to a prominent French soldier, diplomat, and ambassador to King Louis XIII, Marshal César, Duc de Choiseul, Comte du Plessis-Praslin (1598 – 1675) who lived in the small town of Montargis in the central region of France.

Mr. Lassagne did this by putting a nut in caramelized sugar. When the sugar hardened, the candy was ready and was named praline after Mr. Lassagne’s boss. The good news is that a new candy was invented, quickly spread throughout the world.

Since the 17th century, the evolution of pralines has taken place in several directions. The original form of praline – hazelnut in caramelized sugar – has found its new home in the southern United States, especially in the New Orleans area, where French immigrants have retained their tradition. In America, pecans are usually used for pralines because they are more common in this part of the world than other types of nuts.


In Europe, the development of pralines has taken a different direction and has become inextricably linked with chocolate. Today, a chocolate shell with a delicate ganache is the meaning of the word praline. It has become a national product and pride of Belgium. You will find there different types of pralines – they can be made from dark, milk or white chocolate and the fillings can also be different. However, hazelnut praline holds the leading position among all other types because it has a direct relationship to the history of pralines and is simply excellent. Pralines can also be very diverse with different types of chocolate and cream inside the chocolate shell, but all types share the subtlety of the perfect combination of chocolate and hazelnuts that you will want to enjoy again. This makes hazelnut pralines a perfect gift. A luxury box full of Belgian hazelnut pralines is a great way to express your emotions to those who are important to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s your wife, your parents or an important business partner and customer.


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