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Belgian Gift chocolates with satin ribbon bow decoration for any occasion.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter – we offer all this under the brand EMOTI CHOCOLATE. Are you looking for luxury and unique gifts for business partners? Do you want to give your employees a sweet gift? Are you looking for luxury gifts?  EMOTI chocolates are real, discreet, and original.

Belgian Gift chocolates with satin ribbon decoration for any occasion,  Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. We offer all this under the brand EMOTI CHOCOLATE. Are you looking for luxury and unique gifts for business partners, for wholesale? Do you want to give your employees a sweet gift? Are you looking for luxury gifts for every occasion?  EMOTI chocolates are real, discreet, and original.

The best gift boxes selection for wholesale

Discover our Gold and Silver chocolate gift boxes 

What would you say gold or silver? This is exactly the color of gift boxes and bags. Luxurious packaging elaborated to the smallest detail, which is such a small prelude to the fact that delicious Belgian chocolates will be hidden inside.

Red simply goes well with the gift

Red is one of the most popular with women when it comes to gifts. And honestly, it’s not just ladies who are thrilled by this color scheme. It is also popular color at Christmas time. If you are planning to buy an original chocolate gift in this submission for any life event, then we bring you one very practical and interesting tip – bet on the Belgian chocolates.


Belgian chocolate is certainly not just an export commodity sold to tourists.

Of course, Belgians also love it with an average consumption of 7 kilograms per year per capita. In Belgium alone, you will find more than 2,000 chocolate cafes, charming patisseries and chocolate shops. Belgian chocolate is delicious and has so many different variations and flavors that one can dedicate a lifetime to exploring them. The most famous form is Belgian pralines, but the range of Belgian chocolate products is very diverse, as is the offer of the emoti brand. Chocolate is loved by people all over the world, but for some nations this delicious treasure is much more. As is well known, in Belgium chocolate is part of the national tradition and is associated with the spirit of the whole country. More than 172,000 tons of Belgian chocolate are produced every year. No wonder this chocolate is famous all over the world and is also considered the best. Its unique properties are the result of the historical development of the Belgian chocolate industry. The process of producing Belgian chocolate takes much longer, which leads to the evaporation of acidic volatile aromatic substances and gives it a special taste.

Chocolate-covered lemon peel, the combination of juiciness and Belgian chocolate is unmistakable.

Do you love dried fruit and at the same time like to indulge in quality chocolate? Then bet on a very delicious and tasty combination, which will be supported by Belgian chocolate. The new EMOTI Doux Delice collection now offers you something like this.

Our smallest chocolate gifts, traditional sign of exclusivity and luxury

Sometimes an event or life opportunity comes when we want to present a loved one. It doesn’t matter if it’s someone from the family, a colleague at work or a friend. If you are not sure about the choice of a gift, bet on security, in the form of something sweet.

For Belgian chocolate lovers selection with chocolates with hazelnut, marzipan, or Dulce de Leche fillings.

Are you looking for fine chocolates, have a look at our new collection of chocolate boxes Family Time. Excellent Belgian chocolates of high quality with favorite hazelnut nougat, caramel, marzipan, or Dulce de Leche filling and others. In the case of the Family Time collection, will not only enjoyable but also be impressive by a unique look our chocolates, because of the package with a transparent cover. The aesthetic side of things is also taken into account. And believe, no matter which chocolates you choose according to the design, will enjoy them at all times.