Only a few things can tune a human soul as pleasantly and positively as chocolate. People have not known for a long time why a little piece of chocolate has the same effect as a hand stroke of a beloved person. It was a sweet secret of this good-smelling, deliciously tasting food. In recent years, scientists briefly explained this by discovering plant hormones of “happiness and love” in cocoa beans, similar to those that a brain of a loved-up person produces. In addition, we can also adapt it so much that it pleasantly affects our senses. Taste, smell, sight, touch, and – when you hear the sweet click of those who have just tasted it – even hearing are affected. Not only do they taste great but they are literally messengers of positive emotions. That inspired us, at the beginning of a new millennium, to create a brand name called EMOTI, with the ambition of gaining recognition and strength. The word EMOTI has based partially on French and English as well as the other languages’ words – EMOTION.  EMOTI collections of chocolate delicacies have actually tasted of emotional experience.


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an ideal present



Emoti Chocolate Assortments are an ideal present that will please anyone. Each of them is a messenger of positive emotions. When it is given to someone, it represents love, affection, and friendship. Our chocolate assortment helps convince your partner about the honesty of their feelings, it shows respect and love to family members, makes birthday wishes real, and flavors them wonderfully. It can express compassion for a person who does not feel well and it can even comfort them a bit. It is also a great and effective reconciling device when something in a relationship gets wrong. And after all, it is fantastic every time that a person wants to please themselves and improve their mood by having a titbit with a great taste. It can serve as first aid against clouds and depressions, as an immediate and exquisite treat for unexpected visitors, as a little dessert with coffee or tea, as a great and prompt reward for kids when it pleasantly surprises, or as a delicious full stop after breakfast that tunes a man perfectly and fires them up for a new day.

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