Belgian Chocolates EMOTI. Gift boxes and pralines.

Chocolate mission is to spreading happiness and positive emotion

Elysberg Confiserie BVBA a family-owned company, since 2006 specializing in the production and creation of Chocolate Gifts under the brand EMOTI CHOCOLATE that are known for their excellent taste and elegant design. Our specialty is small gift chocolates, even comprising a box with just one piece. Special attention is paid to the designs of packages as the design must attract attention at first sight and looks luxurious. Every detail is important for us and all this must evoke the feeling that it is a luxury gift. We follow the rule:

“The best gift – is the one you can enjoy”.

Elysberg Confiserie has established cooperation with customers mainly from the European Union but also to UK, Russia, North America, and the Far East.

In Elysberg Confiserie, we are committed to quality in every detail. The quality is always in the first place. We never compromise on our ambition, we promise to deliver high-quality delicious chocolates to consumers all over the world. The company´s strategy is based on the certain longstanding professional experience of highly qualified specialists. Following the tradition of famous Belgian producers of chocolates, fulfill the strict requirements of the International Quality and Food Safety Standards (IFS). Our quality programs are continuously improved and adapted to customer requirements and legislation.

Our Mission

EMOTI pledged to put positive emotions and moments of pleasure into people´s everyday lives. Our thoroughness, honoring old good traditions, interest in innovations, and openness to good new things keep making of us a family business that has so many advantages that can compete at the markets all over the world very successfully. We are convinced that in the future more and more children, women and men will love our unique and delicious chocolates of various tastes.

Belgian Chocolates EMOTI. Gift boxes and pralines.
Belgian Chocolates EMOTI. Gift boxes and pralines.


We have been building our reputation on responsibility for the high quality of our chocolate choosing the best ingredients and on the satisfaction of our business partners. We guarantee the best quality of our products, reliability, and timekeeping as well as their good value for all our customers. All of our products fulfill the strict requirements of the International Food Standard (IFS)


A large number of our satisfied customers present the best confirmation of our professionalism. To make top-class quality products, we use the finest ingredients and high-quality processing. We provide our customers with excellent customer service and organize our work in a way we can fulfil also individual specific requirements. We continuously innovate all our organizational and technical procedures that have an impact on the quality of all our products. The quality of the chocolate products is monitored systematically. We do not hesitate to undergo various changes leading to eliminating all the imperfections or to invest the necessary money to keep and develop the quality of our chocolate products linked up with inventions of new outstanding tastes and emotions.

Belgian Chocolates EMOTI. Gift boxes and pralines.

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