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Corporate chocolate gifts. Create personalized chocolate gift

Luxurious hand-wrapped chocolate pralines from EMOTI are the best corporate chocolate gifts to express gratitude to your clients and business partners. We offer a unique selection of the best Belgian chocolates with unforgettable taste. EMOTI offers personalized chocolate gifts and a wide selection of chocolate boxes in different sizes. Our chocolate boxes with your design or company logo will be truly original and luxurious, they will certainly fulfill their purpose. We make it easy to create a personalized chocolate gift.

Personalized chocolate gift boxes.

Selection of cozy gift boxes containing five Belgian chocolates hidden inside. An ideal corporate gift that can be used as an accessory or separate gift. There is a large selection of packaging with gold accents and Christmas motifs, all you have to do is personalize them with a tag or label. But we also offer custom box ordering. At the same time, we offer a choice of ribbon color from our standard offer: brown, red, beige, or to order any colors. You also can choose the chocolates that you would prefer the best. Our Belgian pralines will surprise and satisfy the taste buds of true connoisseurs of quality Belgian chocolate.

Minimum order quantity 500 units

Create chocolate boxes to suit your taste.

The offer includes a year-round or Christmas package of 9 Belgian pralines per box. Create a personal gift by customizing a tag, label, or custom boxes to suit your needs. Ribbon color from our standard offer: brown, red, elderberry, gold or customized in company colors. Choose chocolates that suit your concept and appearance. Create a chocolate box to suit your taste.

Minimum order quantity 500 units

Personalized chocolate pralines.

Create a personalized chocolate gift. Choose from our offer of Belgian pralines and we will pack them for you in a luxurious box with a transparent lid containing 15 luxurious pralines. In addition, we decorate each package with a bow, and here we offer a choice of ribbon color from our standard offer: brown, red, beige, gold or customized according to your choice. Can be personalized with a tag or label.

Minimum order quantity 500 units

Custom luxury chocolate gift box

includes a selection of gift boxes decorated with a beautiful bow. Inside is a selection of 16 of the best Belgian pralines. We will create a corporate identity by printing the box on your wishes. They can also be custom with a tag featuring your company logo or message. The color of the bow can be chosen from our standard offer: brown, red, or beige, or you can order colors according to the company colors. Selection of our exquisite pralines based on taste, weight, and appearance. Our Belgian pralines will surprise and satisfy the taste buds of true connoisseurs of quality Belgian chocolate

Minimum order quantity 500 units

Corporate chocolate gifts. Business Gift Ideas

Delivery of unique corporate chocolate gifts, you make a statement about how much you value your customers and partners. Giving occasional gifts of Belgian chocolate to clients or important partners is an important part of the business culture and etiquette. The right corporate gift ideas can really make a difference in the perception of your company by those who are important for its business success.  EMOTI offer a wide range of premium chocolate business gift that will be valued and remembered present that will help to keep you top of mind. 

Marzipan and Hazelnut

Assorted chocolates

Hazelnut and Caramel

Dark chocolates

Personalized gift - one piece chocolate box. Create the business gift of chocolate pralines of your choice.

Corporate — Your Design / Ford
Corporate — Emoti

The choice of the proper corporate gift is an important process and you should give your best to it as it will represent your company and define the impression you will achieve. The gift you choose should express the spirit of your company as well as the respect to your partner.

It is not surprising that the personalized gift will have a bigger impact than an anonymous item. For your partner, it must be clear that the gift is given by your company to them.

Another important thing is that the gift should not be too specific, you should be sure that the person who will get it will find a usage for it. It should also avoid risks of being offensive. That is why the chocolate is very suitable.

It is clear that you will not achieve any significant impression with the pack of ballpoints. You will need something more representative and luxurious. That is why to consider consider giving your partners beautiful box of the delicious chocolate-is a good idea.

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